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THESSALONIKI Travel information The "Bride" of northern Greece. The capital of Macedonia and of the hearts of the greeks.

Built in 316 bC by Cassander King of Macedonia, which gave the name of his wife and sister of Alexander the Great, has surpassed the 2300 years of life and continuity of representation on events and the history of Greece.

Thessaloniki was the co-Capital city of the Byzantine Empire, during which other ancient city-states had disappeared from the map.

Today, just one hundred years after its release, has allready found its old character, and now anchors as the cultural and commercial center of the southeastern Europe.

The ... old piece of Thessaloniki, the Upper Town, built on the slopes of the ancient citadel.
In the middle of down town, the beach below the site of the TIF stands the White Tower, sleepless guard of the city and a popular photographed benchmark.

Walking across the harbor to the west, where the cafeterias resist the seawater, and after the square of Aristotle, we get Ladadika, the most famous district of the city now. Today is the center of the night life of the city.


  • The White Tower
    The symbol of Thessaloniki was built in the 15th century and was part of the larger fortifications of the city, some of which still exists, but a piece has fallen into the sea. Later used as accommodation of the garrison of Janissaries and as a prison for convicts. Now serves as exhibition space.
  • The Rotunda - the church of St. George
    It is one of the oldest and most important sights of Thessaloniki. It was built probably the period in which Galerius was tetrarchy of East and had the seat in Thessaloniki (303-311 AD). It is constructed of brick and the shape is circular, while not certain, although originally intended for the temple of Zeus or mausoleum. From the late fourth century, however, became through Emperor Theodosius, a Christian church and the interior was decorated with mosaics and extremely rare Byzantine icons.
  • The Arch (Arch of Galerius)
    The "Arch of Triumph" was lifted in 298 BC to commemorate the victories of Caesar's of Eastern Macedonia Galerius against the Persians. Today is one of the most popular meeting places in Thessaloniki.
  • The Castles
    Going to the Upper Town will can see preserved in good condition, despite the attacks that have accepted for centuries the old castles. See the "Tower of the triangle" and the Eptapyrgio within the walls of a Byzantine fortress that was used for many years as a prison.
  • The church of St. Demetrios with the crypt, where martyred the patron saint of Thessaloniki.
  • The church of Hagia Sophia
  • The Archaeological Museum
  • The Museum of Byzantine Culture



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