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Chalkidiki Travel information With unique natural grace, with forested mountains and beautiful beaches, history and excellent tourism infrastructure, Chalkidiki welcomes countless visitors each year.

Chalkidiki is a choice not only for the holidays, but for weekend trips also to most of northern Greece visitors because is not far away from Thessaloniki.

In recent years Chalkidiki became an attraction and many more visitors both from southern Greece, and by most Balkan countries but also from the rest of Europe.
Its natural beauty and excellent tourist infrastructure with every kind of accommodation up to five-star hotels, provide the opportunity for all ... pockets to choose which edge they want to spend their holidays.
The peninsula of Athos, Mount Athos and the its global prestige is allthough its specificity, an important religious tourism destination.

Chalkidiki Sights:

  • The peninsula of Kassandra
    It is the westernmost peninsula of Chalkidiki, or as the greek say "the first leg". It is also the peninsula with the most tourists, owing to its close proximity to Thessaloniki, and the natural beauty and the even the tourist infrastructure with hotels of all categories.
  • The peninsula of Sithonia
    Enchanting forests and beaches and picturesque villages are the main reasons why tourists choose the middle peninsula of Halkidiki for vacation or a weekend trip. And of course here they also can find very nice and sleek hotels of all categories

Chalkidiki: What to buy

  • Olive oil and olives of Chalkidiki is excellent and they have their own unique taste
  • Traditional hand-woven can be found in unique designs and colors in the traditional village of Arnaia

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Chalkidiki: Hotels, Accommodation

Petrino Hotel - Junior Suite 3*,  Stratos Hotel 3*,  Athena Palace Village 5*

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