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Chania Travel information Chania - The Venice of the East

The ancient Cydonia, built in prehistoric times, owes its current name in Arabic rather "chani" and it perhaps is the most beautiful town in Crete.

Using the prefecture's capital as a base for your vacation, you will enjoy spacious beaches, beautiful nature and scenery for those who want to unwind, and cosmopolitan atmosphere and all the amenities for your evening out.
For those bored ... of the armchair, the gorge of Samaria is allways there and waiting.

Chania Sights:

  • The old town and Venetian portThe old town oh Chania
    The old town of Chania is full of picturesque streets reminiscent of another era with different influences, is likely to be included soon in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    The tour starts usually from the Old Port to the Egyptian lighthouse, one of the oldest in the world. The restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops to collect the bulk of tourists, so do not miss the chance to wander through the beautiful and narrow streets, complementing and shaping the romantic image of the old city.
  • The Archaeological Museum of Chania
    Housed in the Catholic monastery of the Franciscans, one of the most important medieval monuments in the city since the 16th century.
    Among other things you will see examples of early writings in Linear A and Linear B.
  • The tombs of the VenizelosThe Venizelos tombs
    Going up (by car of course) the hill east of Chania, towards the airport, you will find on your left the park with the grave of the largest Greek politician, of Eleftherios Venizelos and his son, Sophocles.
    Impressive is the panoramic view offered to the city of Chania and the port
  • Elafonissi beach
    Located about one and a half hours southwest of Chania on the Libyan Sea. This is a fantastic beach with white sand and shallow waters, only deepens the knee as you pass the island with its exotic sand dunes and shallow lakes as the ankle seawater.
    If you choose to come in the morning perhaps annoyed by the crowds of tourists arrive by bus, while the later arrive in the afternoon, the more likely you catch some nothern wind, which might not let you swim.

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