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Athens Travel information So Athens as the capital of Greece has accumulated half the population of our country and a squeeze in SENA basin and gave a wind ... ξεχωριστό! special!

This can offer many options for those who decide to experience a close specificity of this capital.

The visitor either come for business or tourist purposes will not be left disappointed.

First is the possibility to choose between a number of hotels for every pocket and occasion.
Want hotel for spa; seaside Hotel; 3 star? 5 star hotels? No problem.

Once we arrange your accommodation, you will find even greater variety in potential night out. good luck!
The potential in this area is unlimited, since rightly or wrongly, Athens is the economic center of Greece and from here starts the flow of money ...

Athens Sights:

No, I will mention here the bouzouki. Neither the Mercury and department stores. These find ... παντού. everywhere.
For the Acropolis also do not need to say anything. Simply, if you go to there, you get a large bottle of water, because if you need to buy something there drinking from the shops at the entrance, you will ... xezoumisoun.
The Lycabettus Hill can still pay the frappe five euros, but there's at least turn it on and a candle in St. George and say thank you, in general.
If however the climb Lycabettus throw in a ... gaze over the sea of this vast apartment blocks.
What do you see shine on some terraces, swimming pools are actually, you do not laugh your eyes. You see, not everyone can go to summer holiday by the sea ....

  • The New Acropolis Museum
    Athens, the Acropolis Museum Was to replace the old museum, which operated in close physical limits Athens, the new Acropolis Museum of the Acropolis.
    The recent inauguration was another opportunity to be heard all over the world THE LAW request the return of stolen marbles in Athens.
    No, not that they are less brilliance of the Museum.
    The exhibits are not the ruins, but a mirror from the major cultures of the world has seen.
    An era where ideas and intellectual achievements laid the foundations for the creation and development of this, we now call modern Western culture
    Hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 08.00 to 20.00 (except holidays)
    Price of entry: 5 euro
  • The National Archaeological Museum
    It is the largest museum in Greece and one of the biggest in the world. The construction of this imposing neoclassical building began in 1866 and was completed in 1889. It hosts more than 11,000 exhibits, not only from the historical area of Athens, but from all over the Greek world. Visitors have the opportunity to form a perfect picture of ancient Greek civilization from the prehistoric period to the Late Antiquity.
    Hours: Monday: 13:30-20:00 Tuesday-Sunday: 08:30-15:00
    General Admission: 7 euros
  • To National History Museum
    Housed in The Old House, on the Stadium and is the oldest museum of its kind. Founded in 1835 by Queen Amalia and from 1875 to 1932 housed the Greek Parliament. It contains rich collections of modern Greek history with major exhibits of the Greek Revolution, the most important of all perhaps, the silver pycnometer, which kept his heart Admiral Konstantinos Kanaris.
    Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 09:00 - 14:00
    General Admission: 3 euros
    Free: up to 18 years

  • Benaki Museum

    The museum was founded by Anthony Benaki and began operations in 1931 in a family building, which began to be built in 1867.
    Ekteithentai over 30,000 works, covering a chronological path of Hellenism from the period of the Cycladic culture in the Asia Minor disaster. Among the various collections will admire and important works of the great Greek painter Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghika.
    Hours: Wednesday - Monday
    General admission: € 6
    Free admission: Thursday
  • The temple of Hephaestus (Thissio)
    It is the best preserved ancient temple built and dominates the highest point of the Market. He began to be built before the Parthenon was dedicated to Hephaestus and Athena. In the 6th AD century served as a church dedicated to Saint George, and later used as landfill protesters, as evidenced by the tombstones in Latin script

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Look out for the upcoming strikes, marches, protests and other similar "events".
Usually Wednesday and are blocking the center and surrounding streets, causing the nerves of those who try to approach the center.

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